Mobile Digital Marketing

Digital Media: Tutorial Task

Mobile Advertising

What Is Mobile Advertising?

Mobile Advertising is a type of advertising that appears on mobile devices. This can be through text messages or also embedded advertisement through applications. Technologies such as Google will show you ads based on your search history.

Hayes, A. (2018) Mobile Advertising. (Online) (Last Accessed 7th of December 2018)

Brand Example

An example of mobile advertising is Papa John sending text message around the area of Halifax to promote their newest store and this strategy was used to increase their popularity and compete against the likes of Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza.

Mobile Applications

What Is Mobile Applications?

A mobile application that is also referred to as an app is an application software designed to function on a mobile devices, such as smartphone or tablet computer. Apps have a limited function compared to PC applications as it holds a smaller capability size.

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Brand Example

Fortnite App this is a mobile game application, and Epic Games developed a mobile version to increase their audience and increase the amount of users they receive as they have already taken over gaming platforms such as PC and consoles. They also did this because of the increase in demand for a mobile version of the game.



AR (augmented reality) & Virtual Reality (VR)

What Is AR and VR?

Ar is an enhanced version of reality to allow users to see live direct or indirect physical real-world environments. In addition, VR is an artificial environment created to allow a user to suspend belief and accept it as a real life environment.

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Brand Example

PS4 is a good example for Virtual Reality as they created this product to increase their popularity in the gaming market, Virtual reality was becoming a very popular way to play games and demand for it was rapidly increasing as gamers wanted to experience a whole new world of gaming. That is why PlayStation developed this add-on product for their PS4 and has done very well in the market.

MCommerce (mobile commerce)

What is MCommerce?

MCommerce is a way of selling and buying goods online through mobile devices such as Mobile Phones.

Rouse, M. (2005) m-commerce (mobile commerce). (Online) (Last Accessed 7th of December 2018)

Brand Example

EBay is a good example for m-commerce as users are free to sell or buy good from the internet. This app was created because many online shopping services started creating apps for their own companies so EBay made a decision to go with what’s happening in the market and compete.



Mobile Payment

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile payments are regulated transactions that take place digitally through your mobile device.

(, no date: online)

Brand Example

As of September 2014, Apple (09/10/14: online) had announced that they would launch a new service that would allow easy, secure and private transactions. This could have been introduced to make the life of the consumer easier and safer, and it has a bigger spending limit, compared to the £30 limit on contactless cards.

Location-Based (Near Field) Mobile Marketing

What is Location-Based (Near Field) Mobile Marketing?

A type of marketing that allows companies to promote their brand or product through your location.

Brand Example: Van Leuween

“The New York ice cream store, Van Leuween, provided users with mobile payment options and used this feature to track the location of the user via the PayPal app… Once that is done, the app used geolocation to detect when a consumer was near a Van Leuween store and enticed them in-store with special offers and deals. Users were then allowed to place an order and pay for their treats via the mobile app.

Mobile Gaming

What is Mobile Gaming?

Games designed for mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and other portable mobile devices, ranging from basic games to more sophisticated like 3D and augmented

Brand Example

Fortnite has transcended into the mobile platform on April 2018. Fortnite is only game that allows full cross platform support between console, PC and mobile and switch and the first to allow cross platform gameplay between Xbox and PlayStation, which are 2 big rivals in the console gaming industry.



Task 2


  • Netflix is an internet-based subscription service which gives users a paid subscription service which provides a stream of movies and television episodes, belonging and being very dominant in the entertainment sector.


  • What I personally like about Netflix is the overall idea of providing a service which is accessible 24/7 for a small, monthly subscription fee. As Netflix has a large database of movies and films in all genres, this allows all of their users to find something interesting to watch.


  • Netflix makes life easier as it provides a large proportion of entertainment to users at any time of the day, and almost at any location, as long as the user has internet access. However, Netflix also allows users to download movies & episodes onto their device when connected to the Wi-Fi, resulting in having accessibility to the download when not connected to the internet or when in airplane mode (i.e. when traveling). This is an excellent option used by all users who travel regularly.


  • The Netflix app integrate with the existing business in multiple ways. Firstly, the mobile app has a notification system, which notifies users on occasions like, when a new episode of the customers’ favourite show is available. Another integration is the ability to download episodes and watch them when not connected to the internet – this is not possible using a browser or any other software. Finally, the app integrates with the service as in allows easier accessibility to the customer. As most people have the phones with them at all times, this allows users to simply take their phone out, turn on the app and watch any movie or episode they wish, no matter where they are, as long as they are connected to the Wi-Fi or the episode is downloaded onto their device.





  • Easy to access, can order clothes on the go
  • – Fit assistant, helps consumers find the perfect fit for them
  • – saved items
  • – Bright branding, organised and easy to use
  • – Camera tool: Take or upload a picture from your phone and the app will find that particular product or one similar available on ASOS.
  • -Notifications to fast track you to sales as soon as they hit the app ‘you’ll be the first to know about hot drops and cool collabs’.
  • The app integrates with the integrating business as there’s no physical store and is an ecommerce business therefore the app makes it even easier for consumers to shop (enhancing the online aspect) and find the items they want, especially with the ASOS camera tool where consumers can take a picture or upload a picture from their camera roll and the app will find the product or something similar on ASOS. The app also integrates through making the brand a physical presence on the consumers phone rather than the consumer having to physically search for the website online, therefore having to ensure the business persuades the consumer enough to download the app and then retain on it on their phone and not delete it, making them a prime shopping destination for consumers that is chosen over other shopping apps. As most consumers are always on their phone, the app being on the homepage of a consumers device will mean its more accessible and consumers will visit the app more frequently. More so, if the consumer has signed up for notifications they will be frequently updated on new content again increasing how much the consumer uses the app. Being easily accessible will also allow people to shop on the go and whenever they want overall increasing the sales of ASOS.

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